Chicken graphite by Kim Snyder

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Chicken graphite on paper by Kim Snyder aprox. size is 12.5x9.5 All of my drawings most likely have a some marks and dents because it is hand made by me, original art, and this is how I work. She's one of a few chickens an artist friend and I met on our tour of a Carpinteria home/farm near my studio, they were all so sweet! 

At the Carpinteria Arts Center. This will be the last exhibition in the former Cajun Kitchen at 865 Linden Avenue.

The Last Picture Show:
Mending Lives, Moving Forward
The show will run from January 4th through January 31st. The Arts Center will take its usual 35% commission, with the remainder split between the artist and CarpStrong for the benefit of people suffering losses in the fire.